instrument rental at austin music center


Austin Music Center rents quality new and used student-line band and orchestra instruments at reasonable prices with no hidden costs, gimmicks or contingencies. We stand behind our products. 

used instruments

An instrument is considered “used” when it leaves the store. A high quality used instrument might be better than a lower quality new instrument. We do not encourage everyone to buy a new instrument at any time. This is usually not necessary, especially during the first year. 


How do you know a used instrument is not a piece of junk?

  • The products we buy are high quality, student line instruments.

  • We do not charge extra for regular maintenance due to normal use. Customers do not have to pay extra for repairs and do not hesitate to bring in slightly damaged instruments. Our instruments stay in excellent condition.

  • We realize many of our rental customers are students. We do not roll our eyes or hassle our customers because an instrument needs (sometimes unusual) repair. It is likely that your child is not the first to do whatever unusual thing s/he did.