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In general, Austin Music Center's rental policy is to charge reasonable prices for new and used high quality student-line instruments, treat our customers with integrity, provide excellent customer service, develop and maintain established customer relationships. 


Different stores have different rental policies and may provide contradictory opinions regarding music education. 

  • Austin Music Center will never encourage you to buy or "upgrade" an instrument, ESPECIALLY in the first year of learning to play. A high-quality student line instrument is perferfect for a beginning student. 

  • A beginning student does not need a professional instrument, even if s/he is "moving ahead of the class." 

  • Who DOES need an intermediate or professional instrument? 

    • Individuals who practice regularly and wish to continue improving.

    • Students who plan to study music (perhaps as a major or minor) at a college or university.

    • Amateur or professional musicians who play frequently and perform in public.

    • Students who plan to audition for competitive music ensembles.

  • ALL the payments you are making are going towards the cost of the instrument. 

  • If your child wants to change instruments, all the rent paid towards the cost of the first instrument will go toward the second instrument. In addition, the total cost of the instrument will be adjusted...sometimes it's a little less, sometimes a little more. 

  • We do not charge extra for regular maintenance due to normal use. 

  • The Rental Protection Plan covers the cost of the instrument if it is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. This is $5 per month. It is not included as part of the cost of renting an instrument. It is a separate item on your rental contract. 




An instrument is considered “used” when it leaves the store. A high quality used instrument might be better than a lower quality new instrument. We do not rent used instruments unless they are well-maintained and in excellent condition. 


rental policies

instrument rental at austin music center


Austin Music Center rents quality new and used student-line band and orchestra instruments at reasonable prices with no hidden costs, gimmicks or contingencies. We stand behind our products. 

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