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district 90-instrument rental

Pre-Pandemic families cram into the auditorium to learn about the music program. This will not happen. Then, on Sign Up Day everyone  squeezes into the music teachers' office to complete paperwork to rent an instrument. This won't  happen either. How to meet the goals of these events is still under discussion. 
Music and learning to play an instrument has myriad benefits for students that include and go well-beyond improved scores on standardized tests. Remote learning demands the student attend to instruction/task, follow a schedule and take responsibility for learning. These are all skills acquired by learning to play an instrument. They are more crucial than ever because effective strategies for academic and social learning used in the classroom do not transfer to online learning. 
District 90 and Austin Music Center have had a  working relationship for many years. As always, we do whatever we can to support the music program and will continue to do so throughout Pandemic 2020. We are making every effort to ensure students get their instruments, books and accessories in a way that is convenient for you. 

and other school districts

Currently, an instrument can be rented on the phone or in person. Austin Music Center follows the guidelines to ensure your safety (covid 19). Everyone in the store must wear a mask and practice social distancing. There is hand sanitizer and our customers are asked to wait outside if there are too many people in the store. 
An online form is coming soon. 
For those of you who have never rented an instrument, the process can be confusing. (Basic Instrument Rental) When gimmicks, hidden costs and too-good-to-be-true deals are included you begin thinking, "What aren't they telling me?" 
Austin Music Center has always been a family owned and operated  small business and has been part of this community for over 75 years. We rely on excellent customer service, well-established relationships, a good reputation and word of mouth advertising. We do not subscribe to tricking our customers. 
When you rent from Austin Music Center the process of instrument rental may still be confusing, but it is transparent. We do not exclude certain information. We will not encourate you to buy a new instrument. (used instruments) include all the information you need. In addition, we rent good quality new and used instruments that are in excellent condition. 
We don't charge extra for minor repairs due to daily wear and tear. You are already paying for this when you rent the instrument and ensures our used instruments are well-cared for. People are more likely to bring in the instruments when there is no cost to them. Minor adjustments and repairs made sooner rather than later keep the instruments in tip-top shape. We offer a rental protection plan for instruments that are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.
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