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Band and Orchestra at School

Band and Orchestra programs begin, typically, when the student is in 4th or 5th grade.

The music teachers  usually help the student find an instrument that suits him/her if s/he wants to participate in the band and orchestra program. Music teachers tell you what size string instrument is appropriate for your child. 

They want me to rent now and s/he can't decide!
Sometimes the student can't decide, especially if s/he hasn't had enough time to explore the instruments at school. It can be a difficult decision. A special needs student may need quite a bit of time based on physical abilities.


Call Austin Music Center to make an appointment with a music teacher/experienced musician. He will show the student a variety of instruments, let him/her try some out and answer any questions.


Best Practice for Instrument Selection

There are a variety of ways students select an instrument. (It's a big decision for a 9 or 10 year old.)

Best practices follows these or similar steps. 

  • Teachers introduce students to instruments during the school day. Students try the instruments with teacher guidance. 

  • Parents are invited to come to the school to learn about the program.  Some districts invite a music store to provide information about renting an instrument. You do not have to decide what instrument to rent yet. (YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO RENT FROM THIS STORE.) 

  • The next week a day is set aside for instrument rental. Teachers work with students individually to help students and parents choose the best instrument for them. The music store is there to facilitate instrument rental.


Young Children 

Children begin taking lessons as young as four or five-years-old using the Suzuki Method  with a private teacher. Young, non-readers begin learning how to play a string instrument by listening immersion. Students learn to read music when they learn to read. Austin Music Center has violins, violas and cellos in different sizes so even the youngest student can learn how to hold the instrument correctly.

Band and Orchestra Instruments

Austin Music Center rents quality, student-line band and orchestra instruments at reasonable prices. Rental protection is optional and you may choose to use the free automatic payment plan for your convenience.  The rental program begins with a three-month trial period. You can return  or exchange (with music teacher approval) the instrument if it does not fit your child’s needs.

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