COVID19 INFO-we will provide updates as the situation changes. 

Austin Music Center will open beginning June 2, 2020. 
There is so much uncertainty now, we will be open a few hours per week. Hopefully, store hours will be longer as situations change. 

For now, due to Covid19, please adhere to the rules below for your sake and the sake of others. 

  • Anyone entering the store must wear a mask while in the store. 

  • Follow safe distancing rules. (No closer than 6 ft apart)

  • We may ask you to wait in your car if necessary.  Enforcing safe distancing, especially with children, is impossible given the
    physical constraints of the store front. 

summer hours

tues,thurs   12-5

sat   12-4

sun, mon, wed, fri   closed

Dear Parents,

Did you begin renting your instrument from Austin Music Center during the 2019-20 school year?

Music teachers did a great job of teaching students virtually, but students that rented their instruments at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year missed out on some of the excitement and benefits of learning to play an instrument that virtual instruction cannot provide.

We cannot give you your year back, but we can reduce the expense of keeping your instrument over the summer so you can continue to play.

For first year band and orchestra students, Austin Music Center will discount payments 50% for rent-to-own instruments, including the optional rental protection plan, for June, July and August.

Rent for string instruments will be discounted 50% at the beginning of the three-month rental period beginning in June, July or August, including the optional rental protection plan.
(June-September, July-October, August-November)

We hope this encourages you to continue to play and gain all the benefits music education offers.

We don’t know how long the store will be closed but if you have any questions, call and leave a message (708-383-1961) or send us an email (

Be well.

Thank you.

Doug and Felicia Cannon, Owners

contact us  

Someone will get back to you within a day. 


curbside assistance
curbside assistance is available by  appointment

call and set up a time to meet. 

 updated-May 29, 2020