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Austin Music Center expertly repairs instruments in a timely fashion at reasonable prices. 

rental instruments

Austin Music Center rents quality, well-maintained instruments. Minor repairs and adjustments are part of the rental fee and we do them at no extra cost to you.  This is one way we keep our used instruments in excellent condition. A well-cared for quality instrument plays better than a cheap new instrument.


We also offer an optional Repair Protection Plan that covers the cost of replacing the instrument if it is lost, stolen (police report needed) or damaged beyond repair. (All payments must be up-to-date.) This is available for $5 per month. 

your instrument

Need a repair? Want to know if it's worth repairing? 

Bring in your instrument to get an estimate of the cost and amount of time it will take to repair. Some repairs can be done while you wait, others need to be left at the store. 


have a gig soon?

Give us a call. We will check out the instrument, make minor adjustments and get it ready to play. 
 (Pay nothing for minor adjustments if it you are renting from Austin Music Center.)  


have an emergency? 

Give us a call. The instrument will be repaired as soon as possible.  We will do our best, but factors such as the time of year-fall is usually busy-and the number of emergency repairs ahead of you. 

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