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Boy Playing Trombone
Boy Playing Trombone
private music teachers in the community

Austin Music Center has established relationships with many private and public school teachers in Oak Park and surrounding communities. A list of teachers and schools has evolved over the years and we try to keep up-to-date.  We are not affiliated with any specific teachers or schools and any lists or  postings are not recommendations-only suggestions. The list will be available online soon! You can  contact us by phone or email.

TEACHERS  There are no fees or charges to be included on the lists or post information. (see below)


Please include the following information on an attached document.
Name of teacher, school, event or performer
Contact person if different and best way to contact you
Your website
Give a brief description of what you do. 
choosing a private teacher

Teachers and students have different learning and teaching styles. A teacher that is perfect for one student may not be described this way for his/her peer. This doesn't mean one teacher is better than another. A student may flourish working with a high energy teacher and not do as well with a person that is soft-spoken and has a calm demeanor. A different student may be better suited to work with a relaxed, quieter approach and become nervous working with a visibly enthusiastic teacher.

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