string instruments/why renting to own is not practical 

String instruments are definitely "orchestra instruments" and they are the reason instruments were divided into "string instruments" and "band and orchestra instruments." They needed a name for instruments that aren't string instruments because it is impractical to rent to own string instruments. 


String instruments come in fractions of a full-size instrument beginning with 1/16 up to full size. This allows the student to learn how to hold his/her string instrument and the bow correctly.  There is usually no reason families want to own instruments that are  not full-size. 


The music teacher determines the correct size instrument based on the length of the student's arm.


Exchange the smaller instrument for a larger one as the student grows. 

  • No fees

  • No extra charges

  • No increase in rental price

Sixty percent of the equity invested in rent goes towards the cost of a full-size instrument.