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Should I sign up for the Rental Protection Plan?

Minor repairs due to daily use is a service we provide for you at no extra cost-a young student is often the primary user of the instrument. By including the cost in the rental payment our instruments stay in excellent condition.

The Repair Protection Plan is optional because it is for the possible, but out of the ordinary. Not everyone feels it is necessary.

You can buy an "extended warranty" for a second year when you buy almost anything. (And one message is don't count on the item working past a year.) I consider 1. the cost of the insurance in relation to the value of the item, 2. the cost of repairing the item in relation to the cost of insurance. 


The Rental Protection Plan is not an extended warranty, but you can think about it in the same way. Five dollars a month is $50 for a ten-month school year and $60 for an entire year. Instruments cost between $800-$1600. Is it worth an extra $50-$60 so that if something unusual happens I don’t owe Austin Music Center $800-$1600?


With 30 days written notice, you can cancel the plan at any time. 



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