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Make sure you know store policies regarding rental and repair. 

instrument rental

  • Make sure you get a written contract listing the total cost of the instrument, payment periods, disbursement of the cost of rental. 

    • Are you charged interest, fees for repairs, initial sign up fee? 

    • How long are you committed to keeping the instrument? 

    • Are there fees for returning the instrument? 

  • Know how much the instrument costs so you know when the instrument will be paid in full.

  • Know whether you are getting a new or used instrument. 

  • Is the instrument you have now the one you are renting to own or do you have to buy a new instrument?

instrument repair

AUSTIN MUSIC CENTER'S policy may be different than other stores' policies. 

  • Everyday repairs and repairs due to daily use and included in the cost of the instrument. THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE COST RENTING THE INSTRUMENT. 

  • We offer an Rental Protection Plan for $5 per month. This covers the cost of lost, stolen or extensively damaged instruments. 

                                                                         used instruments

                                                   The word "used" brings to mind old, rusty, bent, cracked instruments missing parts.                                                       This is not the case. 

                                                   First, you will never rent an instrument unless it is in good playing condition. 

                                                   Next, used can be vintage and wildly expensive. (Not many of those.) Used can be                                                          used for the first three months and then returned. It can be used for a school year                                                          and then returned. It could have been rented and never used. 

                                                   Once an instrument leaves the store, it is a used instrument. 

                                                    In the world of instrument rental "used" is desirable. 

  • The total cost of a used instrument should reflect its condition.  You can find a maintained older instrument that is in  better condition than a newer one.

  • Regular maintenance is free at Austin Music Center. This encourages renters to bring an instrument in for minor repairs. As you know, enough minor repairs can turn into a major disaster. 

  • Are you lead to believe a new instrument is "better" than a used one? Many new instruments bought online, for example, are made extremely poorly. A good quality used instrument is a much better choice than a cheap new one. 

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