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Make sure you know store policies regarding rental and repair. 

instrument rental

  • Make sure you get a written contract listing the total cost of the instrument, payment periods, disbursement of the cost of rental. 

    • Are you charged interest, fees for repairs, initial sign up fee? 

    • How long are you committed to keeping the instrument? 

    • Are there fees for returning the instrument? 

  • Know how much the instrument costs so you know when the instrument will be paid in full.

  • Know whether you are getting a new or used instrument. 

  • Is the instrument you have now the one you are renting to own or do you have to buy a new instrument?

instrument repair

used instruments

Once an instrument is rented, it is a used instrument. (Just like a new car-drive it off the lot and it is a used car. ) A barely used instrument and an instrument that has been rented many times are both considered used. 

  • The total cost of a used instrument should reflect its condition, not necessarily its age. A well maintained older instrument can be in better condition than than a newer one.

  • What is the store's policy about basic instrument maintenance? When people have to pay separately for simple, wear and tear maintenance of a rental instrument, it is less likely that it will be well-maintained. 

  • Are you forced to rent-to-own a new instrument instead of renting to own a well-maintained used one?