String instruments are in a category of their own because: 


The size of the instrument and the size of the student are aligned so the student can hold and play the instrument correctly. 


  • String instruments come in sizes divided into fractions of a full-size instrument for smaller individuals. (1/16 thru 3/4 or 7/8)

  • Smaller sizes are a scaled down version of a full-size instrument. Bows match the instrument size.

  • The teacher determines the correct size for the student based on the length of the student's arm. 

  • The size of the instrument has nothing to do with the student's ability to play. In order for the student to go "up a size" s/he has to grow physically. 


  • The teacher will tell you and/or the student when s/he needs a larger size instrument.

  • Come into the store and exchange the small instrument for a larger one.

There are NO FEES, NO PENALTIES, NO PAYMENT INCREASE to chage the size of the instrument. 

  • It is impractical to rent to own an instrument that is not full-size. Instead, a portion of quarterly rental payments (not including rental protection plan) is equity towards the purchase of a full-size instrument.  


  • There is no obligation to buy an instrument.

  • Rent the instrument for three months.

  • After the first three months

    • Return the instrument at any time-no fees, no penalties, no questions asked OR

    • Continue making monthly (band and orchestra) or quarterly (string) payments.

    • Purchase the instrument at any time. 


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