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Private Teachers in the Community

Private teachers

Teachers and students have different learning and teaching styles. A teacher that is WONDERFUL,  THE BEST, TERRIFIC for one student may not be described this way for every student. This doesn't mean one teacher is better than another. For example, a high energy teacher may be perfect for your student but another student may do better with a person that is soft-spoken and has a calm demeanor. 


Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Music Instructor 



Austin Music Center cannot make specific recommendations. Austin Music Center, although we may have a business relationship, is not affiliated with schools or teachers listed here to the best of our knowledge.

Are you a music teacher that gives music lessons in the area or is willing to go to a student's home? It's your lucky day because it costs nothing to put your name on our list of private teachers and/or our bulletin board. Email us at, make the subject "Private Teacher." Send the info you want posted in the body of the email. 

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