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Rental Protection

Rental Protection Plan
$5 per month


Maybe I should have gotten the OPTIONAL rental protection plan for $5 per month. 
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Repairs due to normal wear and tear are made at no additional cost. 

Austin Music Center makes repairs due to normal wear and tear at no cost to to you, with or without the Rental Protection Plan.  (This does not apply to accessories.) We will make minor repairs while you wait, if possible. 

Repair Protection Plan covers instruments that are lost, stolen or damaged. 

Austin Music Center will cover the cost of replacing the instrument as
on your contract if is it lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. 

Should I get the rental protection plan? 
The repair protection plan is optional at Austin Music Center.

We suggest you consider 

  • The cost of the Plan (about $50 per year) versus the cost of replacing the instrument. 

  • If you will benefit from the peace of mind the Plan provides.

  • Your child. Does s/he care for his/her property? Does s/he lose things? Does s/he frequently forget? 

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