Band and Orchestra at School

Music teachers at school help the student find an instrument that suits him/her if s/he wants to participate in the band and orchestra program beginning in 4th-5th grade. If the student is having a difficult time deciding, call to make an appointment with a music teacher/experienced musician at Austin Music Center. He will show the student a variety of instruments, help him/her hold it properly and answer any questions.

Young Children 

Children begin taking lessons as young as four or five-years-old. Many young, non-readers begin learning how to play the violin using the Suzuki method because reading music isn’t introduced until the student is a reader. In addition, the violins come in different sizes so that the student learns how to hold and play the violin correctly.

Specific Instrument

Some students are enrolled in instrument specific programs or want to learn to play a specific instrument, usually the guitar. Austin Music Center carries a plentiful stock of violins, including electric and acoustic. Come in and take a look. We can place special orders if you don’t see something you like. We also have “percussion kits” to learn how to play drums and other percussion instruments.

Student-line Band and Orchestra Instruments

Austin Music Center carries quality, student-line band and orchestra instruments.  We have a rental plan with a three-month trial period. You can return the instrument if it does not fit your child’s needs.

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