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Informed Instrument Rental 

Austin Music Center encourages you to ask questions to fully understand our policies.

  • Austin Music Center does not offer deals that sound too good to be true.


  • Austin Music Center makes sure you are fully informed and does not
    omit​ important information you should be aware of, for example the 
    actual amount you will have paid if you finish renting the instrument.

  • Information on the rental agreement includes

  • Rent the instrument for three months. Then, return the instrument or continue renting/making monthly payments. 

  • There are no hidden costs included in the rental price.

    • Rental includes normal instrument maintanence, for example, a broken string and other minor repairs. 

    • Rental insurance is optional and appears as a separate item on the contract.  ​

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  • One hundred percent of all payments go towards the cost of the instrument.  (String instruments are different.)

  • You do not have to purchase any instrument, including a new instrument or the one you are renting.
  • You can make  interest free payments until the instrument is paid for in full. 
  • Austin Music Center gives you an additional discount if you pay in full for the instrument when there is still a balance due. 
  • We will share our knowledge, but we will never encourage you to buy a specific instrument because it is beneficial to us. 

Austin Music Center will make general repairs to the rental                             

instrument. This includes repairs needed due to normal wear

and tear and use of the instrument by a student. These repairs are                       

FREE and included in the cost of renting the instrument. 


  • The Rental Protection Plan is OPTIONAL.

  • Austin Music's Rental Protection Plan-We will replace an instrument that is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair due to a catastrophic  event. Payments must be up-to-date and a police report  or the damaged instrument is required. 

  • The Rental Protection Plan is valid regardless of the location of the instrument when it was stolen. 

  • The Rental Protection Plan costs $5 per month.


  • The $5 is not included in the cost of the instrument or rental price. 

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You can return an instrument after the first three months-no penalties,

no questions asked


...a young student's first decision selecting an instrument to play might

not be the BEST decision. 


If you think your student would do better with a different instrument, please let us know. We will do the best we can to help. For example, we always try to apply payments made on the first instrument to the new one. 


...a beginning student does not always know how to practice his/her instrument

effectively.  (When they promise to practice, they are sincere. But, especially at the beginning,  they need guidance.)


​Peruse the Practice Tips, Practice Games and the page about students with disabilities. You may discover strategies to renew the student's interest in mastering a new skill. 

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