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How much time do I have to commit to renting an instrument? What if my son/daughter wants to quit playing? 

The first three months is a trial period. After that you can return the instrument at any time-no fees, no questions asked. 

Click here for info on quitting playing an instrument. 

How much of my payment is interest? How much of my payment goes towards the cost of the instrument/equity? 

Payments are interest-free.

Payments to participate in the Repair Protection Plan do not go towards the cost/equity of the instrument. This is clearly indicated on the rental contract. 

Austin Music Center does not use gimmicks or hidden costs. 


Should I keep my instrument in the summer? 

How do we choose the best instrument for my child?

Why should I rent an instrument when I can buy one online for far less? 

Oftentimes they are less expensive because they are not good quality. 

Austin Music Center's rates are reasonable. You don't have to purchase the instrument, but all the payments you make go towards the cost of the instrument.


PING is an organization that serves the Oak Park-River Forest community. It provides instruments and accessories to children in families that may be enduring stress, financial or otherwise. PING is made up of volunteers who work hard to ensure all students have access to music programs. Besides supplying instruments, PING provides mentors and special programs for enrichment beyond the classroom. 

Can my special needs child play an instrument? 

Students with disabilities can benefit from music education and many can learn to play an instrument. Click here to learn more. 


We cannot afford to rent an instrument for many reasons, not just financial. 

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