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Why not buy a cheap instrument online or at a big box store? 

Austin Music Center carries good quality student-line instruments that producea good sound, are well-made and can withstand normal wear and tear. 


An instrument is like many other products. There are different "brands" and usually a difference in quality and price. A good car drives better, a good knife cuts better and both last longer. A good quality instrument plays better and lasts longer. 


Students need to be rewarded with a good sound when they work hard and improve skills.
It is probably MORE important for students who do not work as hard to make a good sound to increase the likelihood that they will want to continue to play. 

Students are easily discouraged if their effort is not easily discernable. 


 You could be saving money by going online or to a big box store, but maybe not. 


First, you can rent an instrument for only 3 months and then return it if your child is not interested. After 3 months you can return the instrument at any time-no fees, no questions asked. This costs less than a cheap instrument. 


Also, a cheap instruments do not produce a good sound. An instrument that does not produce a good sound is not fun to play, and this can be very discouraging to a young musician. To really give a person a chance to embrace music it is necessary they have a good instrument to do so with, an instrument that can be rented from us for a price cheaper than buying a cheap instrument. We get to rent an instrument, and your child gets on a better path to learning a valuable skill.

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