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Do you ask your students to buy a specific book(s) or accessories?

Austin Music Center can make the process easier for you, the students and parents. 

  • Contact us. Tell us what book(s) and/or accessories your students need and we will place a special order. 

Then, either​

  • Send the students to the store

OR ​

  • Buy them from us and have students pay you. Return the items you don't need for a refund. (Not one of those "gift cards" stores give you so you have to spend the money at that particular store!)

  • Receive a small discount when you identify yourself as a teacher placing a special order.

Is your virtual business card on our virtual bulletin board? Are you on our list of private teachers? 

If not, contact us. We are happy to include you on our Community page.

Additionally, let us know when there is a recital or performance about 4-6 weeks in advance. We will post the information on our site, free of charge, of course. 

Did you notice our Art Gallery? Your students' art work can be posted in the  Gallery too!

  • The "assignment" is to draw a picture  related to music. Adding a few words, sentences or other writing is optional. 

  • Contact Austin Music Center when the artwork is complete and we will pick it up. 

  • Students' names are not posted, although we try to mention the teacher, school and/or school district. 

Please note:

  • Some, but not all pictures will be displayed on the website or at the store. 

  • The pictures cannot be returned.

  • Many of the pictures are  edited. (The excess paper and/or other extraneous parts of the picture are removed.)


We are interested in hearing about any of your ideas to promote music education and how we can help. We will consider all of them, always with the safety and best interests of the students in mind.  

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